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This revolutionary new helmet liner-fit system conforms to your entire head to optimize comfort and fit.

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The Boa® System

Boa: Fit to go further.
Now available to premium OEM helmet brands


Helmet Fitting Problems & Challenges

Finding the right helmet fit can be a challenge. Interior liner & padding systems don't always conform to various head shapes, and current adjustment systems only enhance fit on the lower head. The result: they don’t always fit well. They can be uncomfortable, unstable, and tend to shift while in use. The following are common problems associated with poor helmet fitting.

Uneven Pressure Points

Typical adjustment systems distribute pressure unevenly—to the forehead and neck. Uneven pressure points lead to discomfort.

Generic Sizing

Helmets aren't designed to fit a wide variety of head shapes. Generic sizing often means helmets are too loose, too tight, or just uncomfortable.

Limited Tensioning

Typical ring-style tension systems are limited to tensioning around the lower head only, which means the helmet has a tendency to shift on the top of the head.

The Perfect Fit, With ISOFIT

IsoFit and Boa® have teamed up to usher in a revolution in helmet fit tensioning by creating a custom component designed to deliver a more balanced, uniform fit. Powered by the Boa® System, the IsoFit liner system has been designed from the outside-in, representing a radical departure from typical liner-fit system design. First and foremost, the system has been engineered to fit every head snugly, regardless of shape or size. IsoFit is the only liner system that provides equal hemispherical micro-tensioning around the entire head resulting in custom, balanced, one-of-a-kind comfort and fit.

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The ISOFIT Advantage

Uniform Fit

IsoFit cinches snuggly, uniformly around the entire head.

Perfect Fit

Micro-adjustability allows for the perfect fit on the go.

Hours of Comfort

With pressure evenly distributed, the helmet feels comfortable for hours.

Balanced Tension

IsoFit's form fit is evenly balanced around the entire head.

Top Centered

The helmet stays equally centered on top of the head.


IsoFit and Boa® components are guaranteed for the life of the helmet on which they are integrated.

"The IsoFit system is incredible. The ability to micro-adjust to the perfect fit not only makes the helmet very stable and secure on your head but also makes for the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn! I want this technology in all of my helmets!"
— Justin S. / mountain biker and road cyclist

"Always pushing performance further, Boa® partnered with IsoFit to create a configuration that is unlike any other on the helmet market today. The result? An all-over fit that engages the Boa System from multiple directions. With a single adjustment of the Boa dial, the system creates tension that wraps down and circumferentially around the head, providing security and all-day comfort."
— Boa® Technology

"It's been a while since technology has come along to truly inspire and change the way I think about riding and outfitting - a helmet you literally can't wait to put on. An IsoFit-equipped helmet feels like absolutely no other. The ride experience while wearing the helmet feels as if the helmet is a part of your head more than on it, which is truly a standout quality from anything else I've tried before. I need one to call my own!"
— Mills D. / mountain biker and downhill rider


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