Optimal Helmet Fit, Comfort and Stability

IsoFit is a patented technology for brands that provides a personalized fit solution for helmet designs.

iso·​met·​ric: of or having equal dimensions

fit: be of the right shape and size for

Why IsoFit?

Helmets with a standard 360 fit system don’t fit many head shapes comfortably. With only the ability to tighten around the lower head with forehead and neck pressure points, the result can be discomfort and instability for most users.

IsoFit is a hemispherical micro adjustment system that integrates with the helmet liner and comfort padding that provides a natural, personalized fit.

Fit: IsoFit technology fits any head shape, ensuring the proper fit for the highest level of head protection

Comfort: IsoFit liner and comfort padding conforms to the contours of the head evenly

Stability: The helmet remains centered and stable on the head during activity

How it Works

1. Apply quick and convenient micro adjustment lace tension via Dial or CinchLock™

2. Micro tension is evenly distributed around the entire head, allowing the interior liner and comfort padding to conform to any head shape


Headgear System

Research shows that wearing 360 fit headgear systems can be unbearably painful and uncomfortable often causing compression headaches, temple and neck pain.

Introducing the new IsoFit headgear system designed to improve the wearability of hard hats, welding helmets, and face shields.


The perfect fit that provides all day comfort

One size fits all headgear design with vertical forehead and neck adjustment features

Pliable Inner IsoFit layer and padding evenly conforms to any head shape

Semi-Rigid Outer IsoFit layer attaches to helmet shell or face shield and spreads out weight load


IsoFit headgear technology is now available on the latest Optrel ® Panoramaxx series welding helmets or offered as an accessory upgrade for all other Optrel models.

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